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Attorney Monique Velarde Reyes and her staff are all very professional. They were always responsive and responded in a timely manner. They have a client portal that keeps you updated and it's very convenient. I had an awesome experience and I would definitely contact again if I ever need to and I obviously recommend to anyone seeking help.

Andrea Gutierrez

Becky from front desk was very nice and polite. I like the system they use, quick responses, thank you Ms. Becky!


I would just like to say, the very least I could do is leave a great review! Hiring Monique Veralde was one of the greatest things I’ve done. She makes everything easy for communication and leaves you stress free! She helped me get a ticket dismissed after they insisted for 2 years! Thank you for taking the time to help me! If you are considering going to Monique I would say you are in the best of hands 🙂

Soularae Music

The staff is friendly and informative. I have used this law office twice and their staff remains the same, friendly and informative.

Sandra V Alaniz

This law office has been great at helping me out with my traffic citations. They really know what they’re doing and I couldn’t be any happier with their service. I highly recommend them!!

Omar Mejia